Monday, 29 November 2010

Au revoir Harrogate...

We (Craft Guerrilla) are just back from the last leg of the Knitting & Stitching shows. As much hard work as it's been it's also been inspiring and an eye opener.
It's been a fantastic experience and we've made many a new friends on the way as well as met some old ones...OK not old as in age but people we've known for a while from the craft circuit.

My personal high light were the two days I spent in Harrogate. It's a beautiful spa town with the most amazing architecture and mood. It was pretty much how I envisaged the North of France to be. Before actually ever going to France I had this "Hollywood" vision but when I finally made it over I found out that France is nothing like what I imagined. But Harrogate has this elegance and charm that I had thought would fit the French landscape though it's truly English. Stone clad buildings, gentleman's apparel boutiques and hand made brogues, iron work canapes over pretty tea shops on neat hilly streets.
I guess I compared it to France but an idyllic one. I'm sure there are many places in France like this but personally I have never seen it. In fact I'm sure it has some sort of French influence or connection as the neighbourhood we were in was called Montepellier.

Harrogate is a great little treasure and somewhere I could see myself living for a while. It's very attractive with it's romantic aspect and history which transpires through every street and monument dotted amongst the gorgeous lanes that form the high street. I shall return but hopefully on a warmer day as climbing a steep road with a heavy wheelie suitcase in the snow is not the best way to see Harrogate!

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