Friday 8 January 2016


As the year of the red fire Monkey is set to begin in February so is a new adventure!
I'll be designing new products but they'll still have that naughty little streak of mishchief and fun characteristic of münano!

So what can you expect?
Lots of great new items including children's clothing and textiles.
Lots of redesigning and a few new friends for our forest creatures...
so keep your peepers pealed because 2016 is going to be amazing!

Wednesday 19 November 2014


Sometimes I get to make interesting pieces like this birthday cactus!
Bespoke pieces are great to make as I get the chance to work with clients who mostly are pretty care free and trusting... I really like the fact that they give me an idea then they let me run with it!

My client and her husband love Mexico so she wanted to celebrate his birthday with something fitting. We discussed having an option where I'd work on hyper realism but making a soft sculpture is much more interesting then just producing something which looks too real. In that case you'd probably be better off buying a real cactus. Luckily my client is an art loving person so she was really pleased with the idea and went for it. I really love sculpture and this bespoke piece is an extension of my monsters... ah yes, those little beasties... I really must get back to them and create a bit more vegetation for them. A cactus forest might be worth exploring!

If you'd like a bespoke soft sculpture then get in touch... I'm really looking forward to creating more made to measure sculptures so yes, drop me a line!

Wednesday 12 February 2014

New on line shop!!!

We've been looking around for free web hosts and thanks to a very talented friend who told me about "TicTail" we now have a new on line shop. I've also worked on a new logo but it's far from finished... so many plans and so little time!!! We did make a start so... hopefully you'll agree that it looks pretty nice!

As well as the web site we're also looking at re designing a few of our creatures... not because we don't love them but we've realised that some shapes work better then others.

Also we'll be launching a few new products including illustrations and prints plus accessories too like brooches and a few choice bits and pieces still in our own quirky, kawaii style.
We hope you like the new web shop. Let us know what you think and we'd love to hear from you though remember "Hunny Bunny" does have quite a temper on him and doesn't take criticism too well so please be kind!

You can visit the on line shop here: