Saturday, 9 August 2008

of cabbages and kings...

This is one of those places that if you had a chance to open a shop you'd certainly aspire to have it just like this...
"Of Cabbages and Kings" is a new indie shop in Stoke Newington just off the main drag (Church St).A former sweet shop this little space is bursting with character.
Filled with one off hand made art and craft this little gem is run by the lovely and friendly Jessica.
With her eye for quirky, pretty and fine hand made designer goods the shop manages to look effortlessly stylish.
The mix of art,craft and hand picked 1950's vintage furniture is excellent and right on the mark.
Without looking full to bursting point the stock is generous and there is plenty to see. The talent is in Jessica and how she chooses stock and displays the items. Invoking a sense of calm by the way that items are made to look special and loved. Pieces look radiant,almost jewel like as they take pride of place rather then chaotically crammed onto over saturated shelves like in lots of shops. It's far from stark and minimalist.It's bright, roomy and inviting.
Have a look at their web site and if you're around Stokie pop in for a browse. I'm sure that you won't leave without purchasing something...I dare you not to!

From today you can buy Munano creatures at "Of Cabbages and Kings"

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