Monday, 21 July 2008

new creatures...

It's that time again...when my brain starts to feel like it needs to create more mischief.

OH WELL... over activity and boredom take over so by adding another creature to the already extensive munano family keeps it under control...for a little while anyway!

There's 3 new creatures ready to hit the munano boutique.
From September you'll be able to meet: The Carey triplets-
three cup cake siblings(Cinthya, Chuck and Randy)that ran
away from Mariah's rider list. Their moto is No more divas!
Mori-Mori the angry but sad tree trunk fled Japanese
deforestation to spread the word on ecology and harmonious
inter species living and...
Monsieur Mercury the singing moustache (pictured above).

"Monsieur Mercury is the late,great Freddie Mercury's moustache.
After the sad departure of the great F.M., Monsieur Mercury
a true icon, couldn't just fade into the background. His work must
go on and so he hitched his way into the forest where he now continues
his singing career at the "Velvet Deer karaoke lounge"!
Beware though as any time he sees a friendly face he latches on
and proceeds to sing all the hits from the 1970's and 80's.
Forget the shaving foam and the razor the only way to make him stop
is to gently sing a lull-a-bye.Oh mama mia,mama mia...mama mia
let me go!!!"

Available from late September.

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