Thursday, 6 May 2010

the rest of the gang...

I'm sure you've seen "West side story" and this gray squirrel was named after Anton "Tony" from the Jets gang, the main character who falls in love with the sister of a rival gang member. Isn't love grand?
He's a wild boy who "once knew a girl named Maria"but he just wants to love and be loved. The rival red squirrel gang (the sharks) are just trying to live in the promised land too. Will they ever see eye to eye? Take him home and share his bagde...join the gang and spread the love!
Please note that due to small parts this is not suitable for children under the age of 3 yrs old.
Approximate size:
H: 15cm
W: 20cm
(+ postage: £3.00)

Let me introduce you to the "not so wild wild cats". They're a very shy feline tribe living in the deepest part of the forest and would like you to beleive that they are in fact WILD and shouldn't be approached! And so their plan started to keep all away.
Taking on martial arts to "kick arse" and keep away the curious they practice all day... and because they are lazy and love socializing they get a little bit side tracked and yes, you've guessed it they waste all day trying to get those judo lessons started! They do try but their just too tame!

Approximate size:
H: 10cm
W: 12cm
*Limited edition
(+ postage: £3.00)

Mini Murou is one of the mini minions Murou Murou releases into the deep, dark night.
This little felt creature is in it's infancy stage.Treat him well
before he turns into a bad boy and you never know...he might make all your dreams come true!

Approximate size:
H: 10 cm
W: 8cm

(+ postage: £3.00)

"Butter wouldn't melt in their mouth bunny"... a bit of a mouthfull but they've got a mouth on them!
They look sweet but first impressions can be deceptive!
Walking around in packs these little bad bunnies really know how to
create havock!
Hug a hoodie?! Nah, Hug a bunny!
100% cotton. Vintage and one off fabrics. Design is only a guide.Due to small parts not suitable for children under 3yrs old.
Approximate size:
(+ postage: £3.00)

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