Saturday, 13 February 2010

cut-click mail art exhibition

I was invited by the good people of Cut-Click magazine to exhibit in their fab show in Grimsby. The theme was "Mail Art" a subject very close to my heart as I've always decorated every single letter I've sent.
I enjoyed embroidering the envelope though given more time I would have filled the whole thing with lovely embroidered forest creatures and more.
It's enjoyable and I'm hooked.I hadn't embroidered in ages.Since I was a young child actually. Even if it is a bit freestyle...I know the ladies at embroiders guild would scream at me but like Kaffe Fassett I too am a rebel when it comes to rules of needle stitching!
Though I was nervous about it ever getting there...and everybody said :
"NO, you must stick it in an envelope!".
"But doesn't that defeat the object?" I replied.
My philosophy was and remains the following: if it gets there in one piece fine. If it doesn't then that's the process it went through to get there...and you know did!
Thanks Caroline for organizing such a great exhibition!

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