Wednesday, 23 September 2009


You've had a great idea. What do you do about protecting it? Apart from living in a cave with your ideas,slumped over with them,grasping them tight in your arms and crying "my precious" until you're blue in the face there's not much else you can do.
OK send in the big boys and take them to court. Not everyone has the financial baking to do that. From what I've encountered there's a "mean" group of people out there (especially women for some reason)
that will stop at nothing. I try to remain philosophical and constantly tell myself :" It doesn't matter because you had the idea first. Credit where credit's do and it will come out in the end". BUT if no one knows it was you it really doesn't count for much. Seems that in the end...they get the whole world believing it was their idea to begin with!
It's not in my nature to boast and bullshit about achievements! I think I lack the gene.
The term "intellectual property theft" has been flung around quite a lot lately. I guess it's a sign of the times!Some people are so desperate to cash in that they'll literally take your idea...switch around a word or two (some don't even do that)and hey becomes theirs!
Now I'm a pretty fair gal and the basis of my project is about sharing things...knowledge,contacts,ideas too! I believed and hoped people would like those ides so much that they'd actually like to reproduce them but what I hadn't counted on was the lack of accreditation. Use it please,by all means, but don't make out it was your idea!

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