Monday, 18 May 2009

un-realised projects...

I have been invited to take part in the "Un realised projects volume 4" exhibition curated by Sam Ely and Lynn Harris.

Basically it's aimed at artists, writers, musicians and all sorts of creatives to showcase their projects...the ones that have never come to light.
This was a difficult one for me because I have a serious problem when it comes to pigeon holing myself and settling...I have so many interests and disciplines that sometimes it becomes overwhelming.I guess that's why it's so relevant because it leaves me with a large amount of unfinished projects. One of which is music.
As part of the exhibition I have started a My Space page "Frida Black Heart"- my alter ego (one of them anyway!) in an attempt to illustrate the sound scape of my project. My "un realised project". As you will hear there is no attempt to finish the songs because otherwise it would cease to be unfinished/unrealised therefore robbing the spectator of his/her power to use their imagination so to complete the end product and it's numerous outcomes.
I will be uploading samples and ideas I have recorded 10 years ago over a one year period as part of "the lost tapes" series. The page will remain active for the duration of the exhibition.

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