Tuesday, 29 January 2008

East London Craft Guerrilla

I'm not one to stand still for too long so what better way to occupy my spare time,which may I say is not that much,then by creating a craft group/craft movement!
Oh well a girl's gotta keep busy or she'll just end up buying more and more pairs of shoes...

So here it is...the East London Craft Guerrilla which is part of the Craft Guerrilla(that's the mother ship...which is us too!).
We've taken on the East London part because that's where we're based and so to give others the chance to start up their own Craft Guerrillas.
We're all for giving talented artists,designers and crafts people a fair chance and opportunities to make what they like of it...and that's why we created this group and as artists and crafts people ourselves we totally embrace the idea of being able to live off your work without exploiting or using our fellow people...also we like the idea of working with like minded folk!
The Craft Guerrilla is all about TAKING OVER empty venues with our craft army and associating with other already established, independent,creative businesses and offering a fantastic opportunity to sell our hand made work to the masses while bringing new products and shoppers to those businesses.It'll be happening all over the capital because we think everyone deserves the chance to buy hand made!
You could say that it's almost like a Squat Market but legal as we rent out the venues from the landlords.It's all about regeneration and not leaving empty shop premises go to waste.We hate waste!

Can you use the name? Yes you can!
In fact we hope you like the idea so much that you will want to!
Just let us know,because it's polite to ask and because we like to know who's out there using our manifesto...also it adds to the collective where we can all grow by sharing information,knowledge and more!
Interested in finding out about us?
Check out the blog for the low down, manifesto and news:
or email me at craftguerrilla@yahoo.com

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