Monday, 20 August 2007

Come join the E17 Art Trail!

"Ms. Priscilla, the future bakers wife
lived above the shop in a small but tidy flat
with her pet chinchilla Morris and fat ginger cat."

(pictured: Ms.Priscilla,the future bakers wife)
Mixed media work on family portraits fused with fantasy and story telling playfully depicted through the hypothesis
of "animal" evolution in place of humanity.
Photo manipulation printed onto canvas,embellished with embroidery,lino printing, collage,ink drawing etc.

This year the E17 Art Trail will run from the 1st to the 9th of September and I am proud to say that I shall be exhibiting my illustration work at Penny Fielding Beautiful Interiors in Walthamstow. There are 67 venues hosting 97 exhibitions and events, with well over 300 artists taking part.Please visit the Art Trail website for details and listings of all other shows and artists.
Once again with no support from the local council(shame on you Mr. is not a middle class pass time as you can see it's made by everyone for everyone! ) artists have taken it onto themselves to showcase their work and the creative richness of this sometimes forgotten borough.Thank you Cris and Laura for all your hard work.
Come support your local artists and crafts people!

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